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Updated: 22 October, 2014
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PGF Showcase   VA Beach

Orion Hunter - Hotter than HOT!!!

  All of OH's teams except for 10u were in action this past weekend!!  Our 18's had a great showing at the Newton Rock Showcase in Pa.  Once again, ALL OF OUR YOUNGER TEAMS MADE THEIR RESPECTIVE CHAMPIONSHIPS!!  Our 12u Black won the NSA Fall Final going 6-0, outscoring opponents 55-7!  Our 11u Teal team made it to their Championship!  Our Black and Teal 14u teams played 16u, both going undefeated while meeting in the Championship and played to a 2-2 tie.  Orion Hunter has had two weekends already this fall where every team playing has made their Championship games!!!

This fall, our younger teams are closing in on 100 wins and played in 11 Championships!  Keep working hard girls!!!

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 > 12U Orion Hunter Black (02) 


 > 12U Orion Hunter Teal (03)


 > 10U Orion Hunter (04/05)

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Orion Hunter

Seniors' Farewell



Drop in on our 18U Gold team

Our Mission...

To provide a structure for female fastpitch players of above average talent and ability to develop, hone, and showcase their skills, talents, and abilities. The Club will provide a supervised program of instruction, practice, and tournament participation. It is the Club’s belief that the attainment of exceptional athletic skills and winning of games are as important to the development of our players as is their molding into future citizens.

History of Orion Hunter...

The P3 Orion Hunter is a Navy aircraft named after one of the great galaxies of stars in the heavens. The aircraft has had an important role in our nation’s defense for decades. It has a crew of 12 that must function as a team at all times in order for the aircraft to fulfill its mission. The Orion Hunter aircraft represents strength, teamwork, and endurance – some of the most important attributes required by a successful fastpitch team.

12U Orion Hunter Teal (03)

A rare opportunity for a few special 11u ( 2003) players!

Orion Hunter's 11u team is looking for 2-3 players that want to be part of the Orion Hunter experience. 

Just recently, in the large NSA Fall Festival Tournament, Orion Hunter's 10u, 12u and 14u teams took all 3 Championships!

Our teams have won more Championships than any other local program this fall.

We rarely have openings on our teams!!

If you would like to be a part of a family oriented, winning program please contact Mark Englar at         757-282-8059 or mark.englar@navy.mil

  Orion Hunter (Since 1994)


We are a no-bingo, age - based program, that creates a family atmosphere and lifetime relationships! No more worrying about next year's team!!!

Our coaching staff has over 80 years of experience at all age groups with multiple High School Coaches on staff.  Our players come from ALL OVER Virginia and NC to play!!!  We have practice fields all over Tidewater!!! We are a MULTI-STATE program.


Please contact our coaches for more information:

10U Orion Hunter  (04/05)  - Alan Prescott
   - Chad Steckline
   - Eric Thompson
12U Orion Hunter Teal (03)  - Mark Englar
   - Scott Gustavson
12U Orion Hunter Black (02)  - Matt Strother
Orion Hunter Teal  - Larry Murphy
Orion Hunter Black  - Chris Smith
Orion Hunter Gold Showcase  - Rob Matkins
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